Air Force Brings Jet Engine

Kenneth Forbeck, Co-Editor, Reporter, & Photographer

 Suck! Squeeze! Bang! Blow! That’s what students were taught to remember how a jet engine works. The engine sucks air in, compresses it, ignites it, and blows it out.

 On February 11th, students were able to get a close look at a decommissioned T-38 engine, used commonly for training in the Air Force.

 The engine was brought into the tech department’s garage to help teach students about opportunities in the Air Force that are available right out of high school. “It’s important to understand the different opportunities,” said Staff Sergeant Brandon Link. According to Link, the Air Force has 18 year olds working on multi-million dollar aircrafts.

 The T-38 plane costs 6.2 million dollars per unit, can go up to 858 miles per hour, and burns through 400 gallons per hour. T-38 planes have been flying since the late 1950s, and are expected to be used until about the 2040s. 

 Link hopes that his visit to Craig helps make “people aware of what you can do outside of high school.” Such as traveling the world, getting an education, and many other benefits available through the Air Force.