Chicago comes to Craig High school

The music department presents one of the most popular musicals in the history of Broadway, Chicago. 

The story of Chicago is one of murder, corruption and jazz taking place in the roaring 20s. It follows the story of Roxie Heart (Bridget Reilly, 11), a girl caught up in a love affair who murders her lover and is skyrocketed to fame. 

Throughout her tenure at the Cook County Prison, she meets Velma Kelly (Caitlyn Dickman, 12), her idol and a murderess in her own right. Additionally, she meets Matron Mama Morton (Grace Eddy, 12), a corrupt prison official, and Billy Flynn (Logan Grandt-Turke 11), the best shady defense lawyer in the Windy City. Through a dance of corruption, fame, and media, Roxie has a chance of escaping the county hangman. 

Chicago will be performed at Craig from November 3rd-5th at 7:00 pm and November 6th at 1:00 pm in the large auditorium. Students can purchase tickets for $15 and adults can purchase them for $18 at the door or at

Cast and Crew

Lauren Adams

Ethan Andrews (Karie)

Helaina Baker

Aiden Benewich 

Zoe Blackwell

Mallory Brown

Jacey Clark

Megan Condon 

Madeline Condon

Aiden Davis 

Caitlyn Dickman 

Grace Eddy 

Logan Grandt-Turke 

Robbie Grandt-Turke

Ezra Halloway

Torsten Janssen

Nina May Johnson 

Faith Kettle 

Aaliyah King 

Norelle Last 

August McNall

Leigh McNall

Dani Mitchell

Sophia Mordecai

Lydia Morgan 

Presley Morgan 

Mae O’Donnell

Kennedy O’Leary 

Rieleigh Pitkin 

Shayla Pitkin

Max Ramirez

Bridget Reilly 

Andrew Rynes

Veronica Scalish 

Teagan Sedwick

Abbigail Shegonee

Katlyn Shelby 

Liam Sullivan 

Sydney Taylor (Casper)

Kelsee Thon 

Simon (Shae) Weir 

Sophia Weckerly 


Pit Orchestra 

CJ Braker-Arachikavitz

Milo Brown

Ellen Butler

Stephan Cherek

Christopher Denker

James Gansen

Daniel Geisler  

Jack Harold 

Sarah Lidholm

Maria Meier

Andrew Redler 

Barry Twitchett


Production Team

John Collins

Sarah Vincent Dunham 

Cortney Hammer

Jacob Hammer

Katie Gundlach

Mike Schuler 

Larry Schultz

Michael Stanek


“And That’s Show Biz, Kid.”