The Council has Spoken: the Student Government at Craig

Oliver Kohn and Carter McCombs

Most people at Craig have probably heard of the Student Council. Some readers of the Criterion may even be on the Council. But who are the members of the Student Council, and what do they actually do? Well, that is what our staff has recently found out about.

This is what the Student Council Executive Board has said about their positions.

The head of the Student Council is the president, Katie Werner, who explained what she did as leader. “As exec board president, I supervise, manage, and organize all student council activities alongside my fellow officers and our advisor, Stefanie Hanson. Whether it’s a parade, blood drive, dance, or fundraiser, I help manage all of the minute details in order to help everyone with their roles in following through with an activity.” Werner was elected to the position automatically, as she was the only member of Student Council willing to run for president.

As President, Werner is helped in everything by other members of the Executive Board. “Exec board works together as a whole to organize meetings, fundraising events, member hours and so on,” said Public Relations Officer Kaitlan C. McKay. “We all work together as a team and for the most part agree on matters besides when it comes to Homecoming hallway decorating.”

The Secretary and Treasurer are essential to helping business run smoothly and efficiently. Secretary McKaylie Justman ensures that everyone in Student Council is on time and caught up with all the goings-on in the group.

“I take notes during meetings to share with members who were unable to attend and keep track of hours for everyone in the club. I work with the other officers to plan events throughout the school, such as the Winter Dance, Homecoming week, and other fun events,” described Justman.

Meanwhile, as Treasurer of the Executive Board, Carly Stengel said “I help lead meetings, keep track of the budget, and sign off on any financial transactions.”

The Student Council also has a representative on the School Board. At School Board meetings, Charlotte Mark gives a speech “about the student body, significant accomplishments, and upcoming events.” 

The members of Student Council shared their opinions on why they decided to join the Club and, eventually, be elected to the Executive Board.

Werner explained that she “decided to join Student Council my sophomore year because it seemed like a fun group to join. I thought being involved in school events that much seemed pretty cool.” 

School Board Representative Charlotte Mark “joined Student Council freshman year to be more involved.” In addition, Secretary McKaylie Justman added that “I decided to join Student Council to become more involved with Craig. It is a way for me to make a difference in the school and Janesville community.” 

Being a part of Craig affairs was not the only reason why members of the Executive Board initially decided to join the government organization, however. The group’s treasurer, Carly Stengel, “joined because I enjoy being a leader in the school,” which is another role of the Student Council. Moreover, the Public Relations officer Kaitlan McKay became a member of the group as she was interested in working as a team and the volunteer hours gained.

All of the members of student council agreed that they enjoyed the organization, and they would recommend it to others. As said by Justman, “I would recommend anyone to join because there are various positions and tasks in which you can make an impact with your own strengths.”