Poetry Corner #1


The Craig Criterion is proud to present the Creative Corner, where students can submit poetry, short stories, prose, and more. This is the first installment of a new series of articles focused on student poetry. Each week, we will select 5 submissions and present them and crown a favorite poem for the week. 


This week’s staff choice is “insatiable” by Ava Burner. It is a beautifully descriptive work that takes the reader through the inner thoughts of a turbulent relationship. It is wonderfully relatable and emotionally evocative, creating an involved interest as the poem develops. Simply a great work of art.  


#1 insatiable

Name: Ava Burner  

Date Submitted: 11/03/22




“are you angry with me?” 

i asked her. 

and then i ponder, i am always angry. 

i am a crystal blue and clementine orange butterfly with abrupt wings- i fly angrily. 

i question peoples words, i over analyze and forget to sympathize.

i am a journal with black pen scribbles that are hard to read, but my face is the opposite. 

my face is easy to read. 

i am transparent. 

i am an hour glass constantly tipped and persuaded. 

everyone watches my grainy thoughts glide down my throat; 

i keep my heaviest broodings in my chest. 

don’t you know, i am always a form of angry? 

if i am angry she must be too. 

how could she not have a red face 

when she’s intertwined with a woman so rudely inclined to spill her mind? 

i am a leakage. 

i am a spiraling fountain wishing for coins in my hands. 

i am greedy and selfish. 

i am quiet. 

i am, well, nothing short of everything. 

is she as well? 

is she, a little bit, of simply nothing? 

are we overfilling empty conversations with romantic faces? 

i think we are. 

i think we are the perfect balance of angry and content. 

we are syrupy sweet mixed with kerosene. 

we are a little bit of everything. 


#2 seasonal affective disorder

Name: Ava Burner  

Date Submitted: 11/03/22

seasonal affective disorder

i closed my eyes and leapt into the burning sun, 

i walked out with a crimson aching rush. 

is it madness, is it love? 

to self deprecate and reiterate, 

wishing i could rewrite my own mirror; 

and unscrew my funny faces, so i can see them clearer? 


my body doesn’t feel like mine. 

with two hands that can’t tell time, 

am i worthless? 

or only in my eyes? 

i’m dripping Picasso blue. 

i’ve lost my twilight under the full moon. 


may i dive in again? 

swim through the magma rays? 

may i feel the sun again? 

i’ve lost myself to the way i behave. 

i am a daughter of the sun, 

a sunflower that will not bloom 

until daylight savings has begun. 

i am a cursed child of dark and gloom. 

i am an innocent praying for warmth 

in the unbearable cold. 

i am to be reformed 

until my skin tastes like gold.


#3 Lifeboat for two 


Name: Zacrye Crowe  

Date Submitted: 11/03/22




Im trapped on a lifeboat made for two 

Surrounded by broken wreckage askew 

Of a failed generation’s ambition

or really bore from god knows where 

And I dont think anyone else cares 

About the damned here


Thunder and lightning splits the sky 

outlining those yet to die 

Unfortunates found out, ground out 

pound out, or otherwise spat out 

Drifting, drowning: suffering and high 

And I dont think anyone else cares 

about the damned here 


Somehow I persist 

among pessemistic mist 

Thrown over my coat 

Straining my eyes, choking my throat 

-And yet through the tears 

Cried through experienced years 

I grab on storm swept hull and hold 

Maybing thinking I can save one from the cold 

And I dont think anyone else 

cares about the damned here


Im just a fool, but I do 

Not set; I cast my line 

I throw my net 

Flurries pass by 

Missed opportunities, full regret 

The storm surges and hurls 

The line pulls 

And pulls 

And pulls 

And pulls 


And then the line catches 

One by one 

Seemingly every child under the sun 

Thrashing, not knowing they’ve won 

A ticket, maybe out of this place 

Maybe only if they knew they could be safe 

Upon this raft, we can both be trapped 


And then I throw my head back 

With the winds, pushing facts 

Of maleficent whispers to my ears 

And forcing the air out of my chest 

Pushing the beating heart from my breast 

Forcing me to realize, against my every wish 

Im in a lifeboat for two 



#4 Sinking Sea

Name: Gabriella Elliot 

Date Submitted: 11/02/22

Sinking Sea

The deep feeling in your gut when you know 

something’s wrong and you don’t want to

admit it


Your adam’s apple bobbing to hold back tears


The feeling of tears ready to spill from your tired eyes


The feeling of emptiness


The feeling of falling into a deep cold abyss 

of obsidian black and never wanting to 

resurface for air


That pressure on your lungs needing air, but

liking the pain so you keep swimming 

deeper into the dark trenches of the water


The life slowly slipping away like the boeys

of pieces of your broken heart


Now it’s not even swimming deeper, it’s the 

feeling of sinking


The fearful aura surrounding when wanting air


But you’re stuck


You can’t get up


No matter how hard you try


The pressure in your chest is almost to a breaking point


Dying slowly


No one and nothing to save you


No hands to pull you up and give you CPR


Maybe many tries but ended as failures


That feeling


That one feeling is depression


That feeling cuts deep into you and makes a home


It’s a mind controller


It kills you from the inside out


It makes you think, feel, and do the wrong things


The only hope is that someone will come 

save you or you’ll finally stop sinking


Maybe even find the strength to keep swimming up


But suicide and hurting yourself is not the answer


The answer


Well you’ll never know till you try


Don’t give up


You’re beautiful


Even the broken pieces




#5 Refrigerator  

Name: Ezra Halloway   

Date Submitted: 11/02/22 





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