Drama Guild gets murderey

Agatha Christie’s classic mystery And Then There Were None takes the stage.

Agatha Christie was one of the most popular mystery writers of her generation.

Her classic novel And Then There Were None has all the trappings of a great mystery: a remote island, a stormy night, a dark mansion.

Eleven strangers are brought together for unknown reasons. One by one, they begin to die. 

As the horror and paranoia intensify–along with dark humor–the audience goes along for the ride wondering “whodunnit?” and “who’s next?”

The novel became a popular play and was performed by Craig’s Drama Guild for three performances from Friday, March 3 through Sunday, March 5.

Good crowds turned out for the comic mystery and the energetic performances of its cast. The actors were clearly having fun. 

Leading the way were junior Trevor Beed as Justice Wargrave, the assertive houseguest who hurls accusations at the other guests as the body count rises, and sophomore Kaitlyn Williams as Phillip Lombard, the smart-talking suspect who brings the comic relief.

Many of the characters are types. There is also the old war hero (Ben Trumpy), the prudish woman (Ashley Carroll), the sophisticated socialite (Madeline Condon), the disgraced doctor (Scooter Graves) and former detective (Claire Dieckhoff), and the rebellious youth (Shae Weir). 

All of the guests have questionable pasts, which make all of them suspects.

Director Mark Lajiness explained the choice of play. 

“Since we had done a comedy last year, we were hoping to work with a more tragic play this year,” he said. 

Assistant director Katelyn Wiegel explained, “The students wanted to take a turn from the light-hearted comedy from last year and delve into something darker.”

Lajiness said that other plays under consideration were The Crucible, Arsenic and Old Lace and “something involving a train with chanting ghosts riding along in the undercarriage.”  

The students decided on the Agatha Christie play.  

The directors wanted to challenge the actors with a longer play. 

“I was impressed by how the period furniture materialized bit by bit, and by how our actors learned so many lines over the course of six weeks!” said Lajiness.

The large audiences also impressed the director.

Wiegel was impressed with the performances.

“We have some very talented actors in our cast and they always amaze me with how they rise to the challenge and go above and beyond to put on a great show,” she said.

Wiegel loves to see the students blossom.

“We get to know the students beyond the part, but getting to see them come alive and grow in confidence as they begin learning their parts is the best part,” she said. 

Roles and Actors

Narracott, the Boatman:  Hannah Hulina

Mrs. Rogers:  Rieleigh Pitkin

Rogers:  Abbigail Shegonee

Vera Claythorne: Madeline Condon

Philip Lombard: Kaitlyn Williams

Anthony Marston: Shae Weir

Davis / Blore: Claire Dieckhoff

General Mackenzie: Ben Trumpy

Emily Brent: Ashley Carroll

Justice Wargrave: Trevor Beed

Doctor Armstrong: Scooter Graves 

Stage and Tech Crew

Stage Manager: Hannah Hulina

Spotlight Tech: Anastasia Schaaf

Fireplace Elf: Shae Weir.