Seniors: A Strange Timeline

Jacob Braatz, Carson Walsh , Reporter

Covid has affected us all and that is no question. Either negatively or neutrally, Covid-19 has touched every part of our lives and our daily routine. It has made each of us adapt one way or another. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the graduation class of 2022.

The Seniors today have gone through all of freshman year unfazed by Covid-19; sometimes that seems so long ago. The Senior class then went through most of their sophomore year as normal, with homecoming and all of the sports going at full force. 

In December, talks of a new virus arose. Although worried talks of health advisors plagued our news, we paid no attention to them as relevant. More “real” news became a priority. 

I remember the day when school announced they were going into a 2 week “quarantine”. March 13th, a Friday in the second week of the month, was the date that started the 2 week period. Who would have thought that those 2-weeks would turn into years?

As we recollect and move back to the state of normalcy, we reflect on the choices we have made in regards to the virus. Either to prevent it or resulting from it, we have all changed. The staff of the Criterion interviewed several Seniors to gain their perspective.

The theme of adaptation is paramount in the answers that were given. When asked about how the outlook of highschool was affected by the pandemic, an anonymous student said, “It just showed how much our school can adapt and really change…I think it is really cool how the school kept us in school and shown how they could have us in school in the middle of the pandemic.” 

Not only has the school changed, but so have all the students and staff who attend it. When asked about the year prior in comparison to this current year, an anonymous student claimed that “(academics) was easier because I had more time to get help on stuff I needed help on with work since I was able to get the teachers help.”

Change also brought new perspectives on life as a whole. Inciting the beginning of adoption from an isolated world. An anonymous student stated “I feel like it made me a lot more grateful for the time that I have with people and being around people.” 

We all want to get back to normalcy or anything like what we had before. For me at least, I have accepted the terms dealt to me. 

The senior class today and the years before all feel a sense that, unfortunately, we might have to venture out during this period in history. A period marked with the utmost uncertainty, of people being thrown into a world that is unfamiliar but yet, so similar to the one we were used to. This virus will disappear from relevance in the coming years, however our actions now could shape our world for the foreseeable future.

One final question was asked to seniors of the 2022 class, and that was to advise the classes after us. 

“Good luck.”

“I get to tell my kids this; it’ll be an interesting story.”

“Be active. Be active in the community. Focus on life. Have fun. But still be obviously focused on your goals.”

“Work on yourself, don’t worry about anyone else.”

“Take your first couple years seriously and keep your grades up… Don’t get in a lot of trouble, stay out of trouble.”

As the year starts again and Homecoming starts up to be a normal year, this may be our wanted break that we all need.🐾