Highlights of a day in Craig High School

A new school year is underway. A student and a teacher share their experiences. How do yours compare?

Do you remember your first day at Craig High School? Was it exciting or nerve-wracking? 

Everyone had happy and sad times during their time at Craig. What was the most memorable time during your time with Craig High School? Scenes that will come back to you in your memory after you graduate, or after you work. Do you remember your high points at Craig High School? They may have a special meaning to you and support your future success. 

Do you have any expectations for your future self? Want to know the highlight time of others, follow me down the page.

The first girl I interviewed, Simon, is a very sweet girl, kind and nice, with a lot of energy. She is a Junior. Her hobbies are drawing and singing. In the new year, the sweet girl feels nervous about the new school year. She said, “It’s nice to be with my friends.” The highlight of her day is going to rehearsals for the school musical. 

For the new year, if you make a wish, what would you hope for? Simon said: “ I wish to get a good grade on my AP Tests.”

The second person I interviewed was English teacher Mrs. Westrich, whose classes are always full of fun. She has long hair and beautiful eyes. She always has a smile on her face. 

In her spare times, she loves reading, knitting, and playing Angry Birds. To the new year, she said, “I’m enjoying the new school year so far.  It’s really busy, but I enjoy my students and the classes I’m teaching! Also, this year is my first year teaching TC Writing and TC Speech, and I really enjoy both of them.” 

As the new students of the TC Speech, I love the class’s atmosphere, it’s full of happiness. The teachers and classmates are very friendly and the students can learn new things here.

Mrs. Westrich also said, “I think the highlight of my day at Craig is chatting with students about random things before and after class. I enjoy our attendance questions.” 

In the new year, Mrs.Westrich’s hope is that students leave her class more engaged with reading and writing, and with more skills. “I hope Craig is a place where every one of our students feels like they have a place and are part of our community.” 

The highlight moment of the day can be an exciting event, or it can be a touching moment for the highlight moments of daily life. 

Craig’s teachers and students have their own expectations for the new year. Wishing them the best of luck in fulfilling their heart’s desire and wishing you all the best as you read.