Class of 2020 shares memories of high school

David Holmquist, Criterion Adviser

Every year, the Criterion surveys graduating seniors to survey their memories of high school.

The survey was sent out just last week, so only 48 seniors responded. Mrs. Alling sent a survey link to all seniors, and this story will be updated if more responses are submitted. 

Enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Carter Anderson: Beating Marquette and Middleton in hockey, and having prom, and homecoming. Maddy Arrowood: Homecoming week, homecoming dance, going to XC meets, lunch rides, and going to basketball games

Savannah Bennett: Seeing my friends and teachers  

Julia Boutelle: Teachers giving a helping hand 

Kianna Castleman: Homecoming Week because it is so much fun spending the week just having fun with your friends.

Anna Cooper: My memories are about learning to work hard and balance things in your life and meeting some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Ariel Day: Link Crew–I was in this for three years and it got me to meet new people. I went to many conferences and learned many new things. Junior year prom and senior year homecoming–I got to have a super fun time with my friends and dance to good music. Getting ready with my friends was such a good bonding experience. Managing football–I managed junior and senior year for the varsity football team and it really got me to feel involved in school. I met a lot of new friends and had fun times. Internship–I did an internship junior year at Roosevelt with a kindergarten class. This taught me many new things about teaching and just further proved my love for teaching young kids.

Ashlyn Dentremont: Going to classes with my friends and slowly becoming who I am is something I will never forget. 

Matthew Dillion: State track my sophomore and junior year

Braden Dodd: A memory that stands out the most is hearing the news of school being closed for the rest of the year and switching to online.

Artijola Emini: Doing raku for ceramics 

Cecily Ennis: Eating lunch with all my friends and playing different forms of Uno and made-up card games

Ross Fitzgerald: Meeting tons of new friends and classes with Mr. Udell and Mr. Wright

Kenneth Forbeck: Getting to make friends and be involved in so many clubs and activities. Attending Conserve School.

Christian Gandsey: Hanging out with my friends at lunch and getting into wild shenanigans 

Planeta Gashi: My best memories are hanging out with my best friends every day and seeing my friends in my classes.

Cassandra Goswick: My fondest memories are winning Prom Queen my junior year and going to Italy and Greece that summer with my friends!

Alexander Griddley: I don’t really have any fond memories of high school. I kind of just drifted along through my 4 years, not really making any sort of impact. I never joined a club or any sort of extracurricular activity. I didn’t have many friends, and the ones I did have were more like acquaintances. I was just the kid who showed up and went home.

Henry Harrison: One of my fondest memories of high school for me is my freshman year SWS picnic. It was one of the most fun experiences of my high school career and the only time during my high school career that we were able to go to the park and it didn’t rain.

Baylee Hernandez: My memories of high school consist of a lot of stress from classes but I have the determination to go somewhere in life. I had faith in myself and told myself, “I can do this.” I also had a great corner of teachers telling me the same things. Teachers, friends, and family have given me the motivation to succeed.

McKenna Hill: Definitely the Washington Seminar trio for AP Government. Not only was touring the city super cool, but I had the opportunity to get a taste of what my future could possibly look like. I also had the chance to speak with some pretty influential people about an issue I’m super passionate about. 

Myanna Holmes: My greatest memories are being with friends and making friends and talking with teachers and making connections with them. But I never had fun doing school work. Most of the things I learned are useless.

Keegan Ingraham: Time flew by and I met so many good people, good friends, good experiences. If I could go back, I’d start over in 7th grade. It’s pretty sad to leave, but onto bigger things.

Ian Knox: Starting out as a Freshman, I was excited to see what these next four years would hold, but also a little nervous to move from Middle School to High School. I was involved with clubs such as Link Crew, Spanish Honors Society, and Show Choir. Show Choir was for my first two years, then I did Link Crew as a Junior and Spanish Honors Society as a Senior. I just remember walking in as a Freshman and thinking, “I can’t wait to be a Senior, must be pretty amazing,” and it was. Let’s just say, I learned a lot in High School, from learning about my friends to teachers to myself as well. Some of the most fun memories from High School are hanging with friends, going to the football games, and of course Prom and Homecoming. I just remember thinking to myself on the first day of Senior Year, and thinking, “I want this year to end now.” Well, I did get my wish of wanting to end the school year, just not as I thought it would end normally. I was grateful that I still got to have school, just in a different way, called online schooling. This was different than sitting in class and seeing friends of mine. I will miss every moment I had at Craig, good and bad. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, and just continue to do great work, and be successful in my future.

Ava Lampson: Great memories with friends

Skylar LeConte: The best parts of my school days were my shop classes. I loved those classes.

Hannah Loertscher: Making close friendships, playing soccer, getting to learn and experience new things.

Hailey Lippert: Having teachers that take time out their day to listen to your personal problems and help you with things you need help with  

Rayne Matmanivong: Most of my memories are from Circles of Support. I feel like some teachers will be remembered more because of how amazing they were to me.

Joseph McCormick: The only one I care about was becoming friends with the girl of my dreams. We may not be friends anymore, but it is my fondest memory.

Sean McGinnis: Homecoming game junior year, East vs West, and West won for the first time in 16 years.

Giana Mecollari: One of my favorite memories of high school was introducing my sci-fi class to Dungeons and Dragons. A lot of them had never played before and really enjoyed the experience.

Tara Myers-Dietrich: Losing myself, passing all my classes

Cody O’Connell: Making varsity on the cross country team. 

Gabby Petruzzello: I loved being on the newspaper staff and the daily laughs and memories that came along with that wonderful group of people. I loved psychology class as a self-proclaimed psychology nerd. I loved Mr. Masterson’s classes. I enjoyed being able to go to school every day to learn a lot of new and interesting information. I enjoyed being able to run cross country and track and build a community with my team. Mr. Mullen’s daily and weekly advice was a highlight. So were the daily conversations with all my teachers.

Tucker Richards: Ups–AP Gov trip to D.C., the power going out at my friend’s house with -60 degree weather, me giving a presentation on the Psychology of Avengers: Infinity War, drawing SpongeBbob on whiteboards in multiple rooms, freshmen year basketball, getting a girlfriend this year, getting a job at H&S, Mr. Elsen’s funny stories, Mr. Udell Mr. Herbst, Mr. Kealy, and Mr. Hammen all being the real ones

Downs–Spraining my ankle and ending my high school basketball career, hating my life sophomore year, senior year being ruined by a virus, my dog dying, learning Mr. Herbst has cancer, BEING PUT ON O-LINE FRESHMEN YEAR FOR FOOTBALL(LITERALLY MADE ME HATE FOOTBALL WHICH WAS MY FAVORITE SPORT,) sucking at Pre-calc and Calc because I have a procrastination problem

Issaih Riggs: Definitely, posting photos of Garfield all around the school, or the bathrooms

Zachary Schiefelbein: Making new friends and meeting my girlfriend

Canyon Schuenke: The first time I walked in for an FFA meeting 

Allison Scimeca: I remember coming in on the first day of freshman year and not knowing what I was getting myself into. I met a lot of my good friends here.

Hunter Slack: Meeting new friends

Matthew Staver: My best memories are of going to the Homecoming games.

Abbie Stubendick: Going to sports games, going to dances, being in band, being a cadet for the special ed class for 2 years, TPing Craig for the first day of school, the band trip to Disney my junior year, and all of the fun times in Mr. Kealy’s and Mr. Wiele’s classes

Jackson Valley: Making so many different friends

Lane Wagner: My fondest memory at this high school, was running to my 5th period class because I was late from when a friend and I went to Wendy’s and henceforth forgot to actually grab our bag of food so we had to turn around.

Shaylee Weckerly: I had a lot of struggles and times I wanted to give up but SWS really held me together and so did my teachers and their inspiring words.

Sydney Williams: My fondest memories of high school are creating the friendships I have, going to the sporting events with them, getting coffee, and just having fun. Becoming close with teachers who supported everything us students did will stick me with.

Merle Wolff: I really loved playing but also watching sports and games with great spirit. I also loved trips I went on with international buddies but also adventure PE.