Mr. Mullen presented with Crystal Apple Award

Mr. Mullen with his family, friends, and neighbors

On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, physical education teacher Mark Mullen was awarded a Crystal Apple Award. 

Since 1996, WMTV Channel 15 has handed out these Crystal Apple Awards. The award recognizes teachers who make a difference in students’ lives. 

This year, five winners and ten honorable mentions were chosen from more than 700 nominations made throughout Wisconsin. 

Mullen received one of the five awards from NBC15 Madison anchor Leigh Mills. 

The award was kept secret throughout the school. 

Physical education teacher Kerry Storbakken echoed the feelings of many Craig staff members. 

“We had no idea,” he said. “The secret was kept very well. It was a surprise to all of us.” 

He finished by commenting on Mr. Mullen’s character, saying, “He cares about the work he teaches, and he cares for every kid.”

Students filled the gymnasium to celebrate the award. 

Students were shocked by the event, but none were surprised to see Mr. Mullen receive this prestigious award. 

Students knew he was deserving of the recognition. Seniors Liz Pierson and Evie Mrizek said, “He always brightens your day and has a funny story or joke to tell you.”

In addition to the Craig student body in attendance, Mullen’s family and close friends were there to celebrate the occasion, as well as former Craig athlete and future Pittsburgh Steeler, Keeanu Benton. 

Mullen was nominated by one of his close friends, Craig school counselor Sarah Lehman. 

She grew up with Mr. Mullen and has known him since the age of ten. They attended Stoughton High School together.

She nominated him because she had seen a unique gift embodied by Mullen. 

She said, “Growing up with Mr. Mullen I saw a special gift that he had, and years later I had the privilege to work with him and saw that same gift.” 

She continued describing what made Mullen stand out by saying, “No matter what walk of life you’re in or who you are, he is always there to talk with you.” 

Mr. Mullen’s unique gift has displayed his passion for teaching and caring for students. 

His efforts are recognized by the Crystal Apple Award. Craig is fortunate to have excellent teachers like Mr. Mullen.

For further detail visit NBC15’s spotlight video on Mr. Mullen.