Spotlighters on a Swing


Spottlighters perform at Preview Night

     On Jan 12, 2023, Craig’s show choir started the season off strong hosting the show choir preview night. Spotlighters welcomed performers from Milton and Fort Atkinson as well as a Middle school team from Edison. Families from both the traveling teams and Craig attended and cheered on everyone involved. 

     Preview night marks the start of a new show choir season and holds a special place in the heart of Chloe Levy, a class of 2022 graduate. She was one of the two MCs during the event, the other being her boyfriend Joseph Blodel. She shares some of her insight involving the pizzazz of preview night and what it means for Spotlighters. 

     When asked, Chloe would describe the event as “the night where us, Edison, and Fort Atkinson, and Milton, all come together to present our shows for the first time. They may not be completed, they may not be perfect; they may not even be the costumes you are wearing.” Preview night gives each team a chance to pump each other up and prepare for the coming season. 

     That season has been the best Craig has seen in a few years. Chloe can remember the 2020-2021 show choir season, which was notably less spectacular than the current season. Covid took a toll on everyone and show choir suffered because of it. Fewer people, exhausted people, and less availability to practice hampered their ability to perform. 

     This year, luckily, Spots is back in person and more dedicated than ever. An influx of new and ready people has primed the group for success. With a new group of committed members, especially underclassmen, experience can be passed down and the quality of the group can be maintained. Ethan Andrews, a new member this year, shared his experience with his first taste of show choir. “It was a new experience for me,” he said. He went on to describe his friend pulling him into it. He said “I got pulled in by my friend Jo-Jo and I don’t regret joining at all. I would say if anyone wants to join, do it.” He then finished with something that every member could echo “It’s worth it when you hear the crowd going wild.”  

     And the crowd has been going wild. Spots has seen a vast improvement and has been in the finals of every competition this season. During Rock the Rock, in Milton, Spots placed 5th. In La Cross Central, they placed 4th  

    With more competition in the works, and a drive not seen in years, it is clear Spots has a chance to make it big. Once again, they are on a swing.