Weird history

Strange and funny facts

Art used to be a sport in the Olympics until it got removed. I guess paintball wasn’t allowed!

Napoleon was attacked by bunnies. The one army that could take down Napoleon!

Pope Gregory IV wanted to wage war against cats. I bet he met Flerken!

Hitler had irritable bowel syndrome. He blew up toilets, too!

The war between England and Zanzibar occurred on August 27, 1896, and lasted only 38 minutes. The British won.

In contrast, Netherlands and Islands of Scilly (located off the southwest coast of Great Britain) fought a war that lasted 335 year. And not one shot was fired!

King Henry VIII employed four people called “Grooms of Stool” to wipe his bottom. What a royal doody!

In the past, British tanks had equipment to make tea. I guess even in times of war you can’t take tea away from the British!

Infamous dictators Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini were all nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess they got that wrong!

Dunce caps were once a sign of intelligence. Well, that’s stupid