What Happened to Carl Azuz?

What Happened to Carl Azuz?

The longtime host of CNN 10, Carl Azuz, seemingly has disappeared from the show. When CNN 10 started airing again for school on September 12, viewers were surprised not to see Azuz. His place as the show’s anchor has been taken by Coy Wire.

Azuz was beloved by many students across the country including some here at Craig High School. He found ways to entertain students through a ten-minute video of daily news, hence the name CNN 10. Teachers find time out of their instructional lessons to play these ten minute news videos for their students. The program is the perfect way for young students to follow the news and stay up to date with the world.

Azuz is most remembered by students for his always fun puns and his slogan, “Fridays are awesome.” Azuz has covered everything for students, from the war in Iraq to the most expensive ice cream sundae. Students know the show will never be the same without the likes of Azuz. His lighthearted approach to reporting will be missed by students. Without his presence, many viewers worry that the show may lose the value and standards that Azuz set for the program.

When questioned about Azuz’s departure, CNN stated “We’re tremendously thankful to Carl for the years he contributed to CNN 10 and CNN as an institution. We know the students, instructors, staff, and devoted CNN 10 viewers join us in offering him a heartfelt thank you for bringing news to a generation in a lighthearted, engaging, and factual manner.”

Fans quickly jumped to conclusions about what happened to Azuz. Fans speculated on many different ideas. Some said he passed away. Others imagined he was abducted by aliens. There is no doubt fans of the show thoroughly enjoyed Azuz’s presence.

Where is Azuz Now?

Despite rumors, Carl Azuz is alive. Azuz published a tik-tok giving a formal goodbye to CNN 10 and his fans in response to his trend on Twitter as dead. Azuz said in his goodbye, “Going forward I will no longer be part of the show where you and I met,” finishing with “gosh that’s hard to say.”

Reflecting on his time, Azuz stated, “I never could have predicted where it (CNN 10) would lead me. Speaking at graduation ceremonies, events in Florida, California, running into viewers in Central Park, and of course, greeting thousands of you in my home state of Georgia.”

After fourteen years of hosting Azuz will end his tenure as the anchor for CNN 10, however, Azuz is still committed to his career. He gives the fans credit as “the reason why my work is so special.”

Is Azuz Coming Back to CNN 10?

Azuz will remain employed by the CNN organization and continue to contribute to the newsroom. However, he will not continue his duties as anchor of CNN 10.

However, Carl Azuz made the decision to leave the company on his own terms. After years of being the lone host of CNN 10, the short ten-minute digital news available to students, teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and more, will be handed off to the new anchor, Coy Wire.

What can fans expect from Coy Wire?

Coy Michael Wire has taken over the anchor role for CNN 10. Wire has worked for CNN since 2015, however, as of September 12, 2022, he will have higher duties. In addition to his career in the news, Wire is a former professional football player in the National Football League.

Wire played college football at Stanford. Then he was drafted as a linebacker and safety by the Buffalo Bills, where he played from 2002 to 2007. He spent his last three seasons with the Atlanta Falcons before retiring in 2010.

With CNN, Wire continued his sports life by covering the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Super Bowl 50, and National Championship games.

What now?

Carl Azuz will no longer anchor CNN 10. There is no question that the show and fans will miss his energy and commitment to bringing news to students. Long-time CNN employee Coy Wire will take the reins as the anchor. Wire looks to harness his energy from the gridiron and bring it to the newsroom. Azuz’s departure comes as a surprise, but a welcomed one because fans can trust Wire will bring his own enthusiasm as host.