YikYak rocks Craig High School

YikYak rocks Craig High School

Social media is the lifeblood of students at Craig High School. It is hard to find a single student who can claim to be unplugged. Among popular apps like TikTok and Snapchat, an old competitor has returned. 


YikYak is a forum app that allows users to post content anonymously, allowing other users to vote to make content more or less popular. It is, for the internet savvy, a mix of Reddit and 4chan. 


Like any online space, especially anonymous ones, people display less tact than in person. Among the funny, parodic, and genuine posts, there is a noticeable portion of troll or drama posts. 


There have been many posts demeaning individuals with all sorts of real and fictive claims. These posts range from less harmful silly harassment to reputation-damaging rumors. Several yaks have been posted within the last week that body-shame multiple students on their physical appearance, make crude and inappropriate remarks about students and faculty, and claim another student is racist. There is no way to verify most of these claims, but that does not stop rumors from emerging. 


There is internal moderation for the site, and users can delete posts by having five more users downvote than upvote. The app itself has a fairly strict set of community guidelines which are enforced by moderation staff. However, it comes into question whether or not harmful posts are being deleted. Because of the raw volume of messages, only messages that are reported by users will be reviewed. 


Despite the negative aspects of the app, students are split on the app. Maizie Poulson, a sophomore, said the app was “a reading version of TikTok” and “A creative way of expressing yourself.” Meanwhile, another anonymous sophomore said “YikYak is definitely a hotspot for drama and rumors. In my opinion, people like to go there because they are too scared to say anything out loud.” Other opinions lie on a wide spectrum, with many liking and disliking the app. 


Even as it seems the app has generated a lot of buzz, it is burning out fast. The number of posts a week ago has almost halved as that two weeks ago. Previously, YikYak as a company had gone under once before in 2017. If history is to repeat itself, this is likely just a passing fad. 


While it is uncertain whether or not the app is here to stay, it has already had an effect on people. It is clear that the student body of Craig will come together regardless of any app.