Online classes offer learning options

Destiny Kahl, Criterion Reporter

Some of Craig’s students are taking online classes. 

These students take online classes in the school buildings. 

Each student has their own paces during online classes. 

“If a student is hybrid, that means they take classes at both Craig and AVA,” said school counselor Shelly Osmond. 

If students are taking most Craig classes and ARISE, they will receive diplomas from both Craig and ARISE. 

“Some students are online full time and some are part time,” said Osmond. 

“Generally speaking, if a student takes more classes with us, they will receive a Craig diploma.  If they take more classes with AVA, they will receive an AVA diploma.  That has to be decided once the student fills out hybrid paperwork,” she said. 

“Around 175 high school aged students, 65 hybrid students(taking 1-4 classes), 24 Chinese International students, 86 full time students,” said Osmond. 

Students take a variety of courses. 

These include AP classes, elective classes, math, business, English, personal finance, career focus/electives, foreign language, science, computer/elective, health, and social studies. 

Students take online classes for a variety of reasons. Each individual is different and has their own reasons. 

The reason may be COVID-related. Some students want to protect themselves or cannot attend in person because they have weak immune systems. 

Their families may also have some illnesses that can catch viruses very easily. 

Others take online classes because it fits their learning style. Some students learn better online.  

They might require extra support and take some special-needs education classes. 

For others, online learning supports their mental health.

Some students are in therapy programs most days, so online classes allow them to learn on their own time.  

Online classes also help students to recover missing credits. They can take more classes during summer or they can make up by keeping doing the classes that they are currently taking. 

ARISE provides some advanced classes that Craig might not offer. 

Craig offers these options to fit the needs of students and to give them the best opportunity for learning.

To add a personal note based on my experiences, online classes are a little different from in-person classes.

Online classes have a teacher available to help, but most of the time students will just work at their own pace on independent lessons. Teachers offer help when students request it or conduct Zoom or Google meetings with the students. 

In my experience as a former online student, it was tough because when I took online classes, I felt like I didn’t learn anything. 

Online classes did not fit my learning style. I was struggling a lot while online. 

I was having a hard time finding the motivation to keep on track and complete my homework. 

I prefer to learn with other students in the classroom and have the teacher teach us and show us. 

But it was interesting to have that experience to know what it is like.