Quote of the Week: Sigismund of Hungary


“I am the Emperor of the Romans, and am above grammar!”

– Sigismund of Hungary, Holy Roman Emperor

Reporter’s Note: Emperor Sigismund became frustrated with some priests correcting his Latin, and so… he said this. Which, apparently, shows that if you are annoyed with grammar, you are not alone, as well as showing that Sigismund was an arrogant man.


Previous Quotes

“To know another language is to possess a second soul.”

– Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor

Reporter’s Note: Charlemagne ruled over a vast empire that spoke many different languages, but this quote definitely still has importance today. Learning languages can help you understand much more about the world, and not only that, it can allow you to speak with a large amount of other people.


“Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.”

– Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor of France

Reporter’s Note: This quote is very fitting for Napoleon Bonaparte, since he began not as an emperor, but as a minor soldier. However, his ambition and hard work led him to great heights – hence the quote.