Who is Hoo?

So earlier today, Molly Schroeder, the author of Cougar Comics, reached out to me telling me that the character, Hoo, may actually be a student from Craig. With this inspiration, we decided to turn this into a friendly search for the student who most resembles Hoo. It is worth noting that Hoo was not based off of any student directly, this is all a friendly coincidence, and we are taking advantage of it.

To help with the search, we will provide some findings that we have discovered. If you want more information, be sure to check out all of the Cougar Comics:

  • Hoo has a girlfriend with brown hair or red hair, perhaps dyed in between comics- no name confirmed (Comic 9)
  • Hoo is not his real name (Comic 8), and his gender has not been revealed officially, though Craig refers to Hoo as a he (Comic 11)
  • Hoo has a teacher who works in the 700 halls as seen by green tiles (Comic 11)
  • Craig came to Craig during February as seen by a basketball game (Comic 2). Though the year is not confirmed, a specific trombone player who looks like Kenneth Forbeck, a past member of Newspaper, could be seen in the pep band, leading one to assume this took place in 2018 or 2019.
  • Time must have passed from story to story because a football game takes place after the basketball games, meaning multiple school years have passed (Comic 13)
  • Hoo, last we see him (Comic 16) is a graduating senior, and at least 18 as seen by his tattoo
  • Hoo was a freshman before COVID-19 took place, and also had not met Craig yet. Hoo is at least a year ahead of Craig in school. (Comic 8)
  • Hoo’s hair is assumed to be ginger (Comic 6) but his eye color has never been revealed.
  • Hoo is assumed to be going into a science major as he shows knowledge of chemistry (Comic 10), sits next to Craig in a familiar looking Bio classroom resembling room 521 (Comic 4), and also has been hinted at by the comic writer, Molly Schroeder, to also have an interest in physics.
  • Hoo had to check out a book for class (Comic 5). Perhaps this was for an English class, maybe for the mystery teacher in the 700 hall in Comic 11.
  • Hoo went to Marshall Middle School (Comic 16).
  • Hoo has been involved in a play, perhaps the drama guild (Comic 7.5)
  • Hoo recently has attended prom (Comic 14), assumingly with the same girlfriend.
  • Hoo takes the following classes:
    • AP Human Geography (Comic 4)
    • Chemistry (Comic 10) or possibly chemistry club
    • Calculus AB, BC, or Pre-Calculus (Comic 10)
    • Graphic Tech (Comic 6)
    • Some sort of Art (Comic 12)
    • Newspaper OR Yearbook (Comic 16)
  • Hoo could be spotted with a Human Geo textbook. He also stated he was taking a calculus test in Comic 10. Hoo claimed he had an art project, assumingly for art. In the final comic, comic 16, Hoo is spotted wearing blue and gold cords, a staple of Quill and Scroll, a type of Honors Society associated with people in the media, hence newspaper or yearbook.

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