Essential employees and students around Janesville

Gabby Petruzzello

Some students are working as essential employees and are able to experience the effects of this pandemic firsthand. Some of the employers include: The Red Zone, Panera, Dunkin Donuts, Menard, Angus Young Associates, McDonalds, Woodmans, Target, Schnucks, St. Elizabeth Nursing Home, Prent, and Ace Hardware.

At some of the food establishments, there are less workers to minimize contact. McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts have drive-thrus with windows covering the worker’s faces, so that their hands are the only thing exposed. 

Some stores such as Menards are putting 6 ft markers on the floor to promote physical distancing and Menards has put up fiberglass shields around the checkout desks.. Many employees are required to wear masks and gloves and physically distance from customers. Woodmans is requiring masks and gloves and placing wipes and hand sanitizers around every turn in both the grocery store and corporate office. 

Students are frequently washing their hands and many are required to wear gloves and masks. Walmart even has health screenings before each shift and closes early to deep clean and restock. Menards has been cleaning every hour.

Prent has doubled their sanitation efforts, requiring employees to wear face shields or masks, as well as gloves and smocks. At Schnucks, workers have to enter through separate doors.

One student works at an architecture office downtown, Angus Young Associates, where once you enter the office you have to wash your hands and clean your desk space, and if you see other people outside of work, you have to let the office know so they can decide if the employee can come into work.

Another student works at St. Elizabeth Nursing Home where they are required to wear face masks and wash hands often and use hand sanitizer between washes to protect the elderly residents most at risk.

Students are working hard to keep the community running smoothly while balancing the academic and other numerous changes caused by the pandemic.