Chesney Snow comes to Craig for Black History Month

Gabby Petruzzello and Emma Chamberlain

On Thursday, February, 19, Chesney Snow came to Craig to host two workshops and two assemblies. Snow has won the Drama Desk Award and was a headliner in Carnegie Hall. He also founded the Beatbox world championships. Snow leads beatboxing classes in New York, perform on Broadway, and is a motivational speaker. He visits cities across the country to help inspire kindness within classrooms. 

In the morning, Snow had a workshop with the Social Justice classes to speak on the topic of power and powerlessness through imagery. He helped the students create skits to show imagery of the difference. 

Later, Snow hosted a workshop with the choir classes that featured beatboxing. Students split into multiple teams for a beatbox battle. The “Beat Bugs” won the battle. The “Beat Bugs” consisted of Angelica Hanna, Auna Pokel, Landon Sherman, Bree Wagner, Regan Godek, and Britten Bertagnoli. 

During the assembly, Snow spoke about growing up with almost nothing and then breaking through on Broadway. He is originally from Platteville after escaping an abusive situation with his mother and sister. Many people tried to tear Snow down as he was one of the only black kids in his school. He learned the value of kindness, and how much it can change someone’s life.

Later, He took time to beatbox, and Tiara Moore, a sophomore, joined him on stage singing. Then, Deshawn Wheeler joined him on stage dancing to his beat.  Thank you, Chesney Snow, for coming in and spending your time with our school.