Spotlight on Seniors: Cloe Schuh Exceeds Expectations

Emma Chamberlain and Lindsay Barwick

While high school may be four years, some students are able to go above and beyond in order to get a head start on their future. Senior Cloe Schuh has done it all. She is graduating today along with thirty other students. Up until this point, these students have been spending extra time outside of the normal eight period day to graduate a full semester early. For Schuh, the hardest part of her journey was missing school often due to illness. Danya Ward noted that Schuh had to go out of her way to gather late work and meet with eight different teachers every time she was sick. Through it all, she was able to graduate with incredible grades. 

Schuh started her journey in Milton’s science challenge program. She excelled there and earned an extra science credit. With support from her parents, Schuh decided to pursue the option of graduating early. She decided to graduate early to prevent missing more school due to illness and getting a head start on her plans. Schuh’s plan is to Madison Area Technical College for cosmetology and graduate within the fourteen months of her program. Although Schuh won’t be present in class for the second semester, she is allowed to go to prom, walk in the graduation ceremony, and attend any Craig event. Besides the extra class work outside of school, Schuh participates in the National Arts Honors Society, National Honor Society, and Yearbook. Schuh was also a part of the Craig Volleyball team and made positive memories.

“Coming from Milton, I didn’t really know anybody coming into freshman year. It was really important to me to find things to be involved in at school, so I could meet new people and make friends. Being apart of volleyball and yearbook were both really fun experiences for me,” Schuh said. 

On top of her extracurriculars and academics, she also works at Threads Consignment and Paradise Island Tan. Schuh has seen Dayna Ward as a teacher who she can reach out to in a time of need.

Dayna Ward is a Spanish teacher and adviser to Blue Ribbon of Promise and Spanish Club. Ward notes Schuh is an extremely hard worker and though she misses class often due to health concerns, she always bounces back. 

“Cloe is very determined and she perseveres. She’s had some challenges thrown at her, which caused her to miss some school, but she was always conscious about coming in and making sure she stayed on top of things academically,” said Ward.

Ward admires Cloe’s ability to balance everything and believes that some adults need to learn from her as well. Ward wants her students to treat each other with tremendous amounts of respect, and she leads by example every day. She hopes this will rub off on students and believes it has on Schuh. 

Her hard work has paid off, Schuh is graduating today. Despite many believing it was an odd time to graduate, Schuh continues to stand by her decision and is excited about what the future holds.