International Buddies take on Kalahari

Gabby Petruzzello

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On Wednesday March 13th, a group of students, both F1 and American, that compose the International Buddies traveled to Kalahari to listen to their Marketing Director and Human Resources Director.

The Marketing Director spoke on the various initiatives Kalahari takes in making their business successful. The Human Resources Director spoke about the different employment opportunities for international students and the opportunities that Kalahari provides them in successfully acclimating to American culture.

After the presentation, the students spent time at the indoor waterpark, going down body slides, or even the dropper slides where the floor drops out from under your feet. Students got to experience the freedom and fun of Kalahari, trying new, delicious foods, such as ice cream and fudge, and indulging in some favorites, like Starbucks and pizza.

Taking the school bus both ways, the students were in deep slumber from their day of excitement. International Buddies continues to successfully bring together the American and F1 students through cultural and bonding experiences.